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My own HOW-TOs

Here you'll find some little How-to I wrote down.
Nothing special just a sequence of commented cli commands

... or just a long version of them :-)

  • Got a spare Netvista N2800 (alias 8364-EXX)? These nice IBM thinclient are a real challenge for Linux hackers
    here is my 10 cent tip: installing FreeNAS on Netvista N2800
  • m0n0wall is a great piece of software but sometime you got crazy to find how to solve a simple problem.
    Here is how to configure a public IP DMZ using m0n0wall using only a single IP for WAN and all the others for the DMZ.
  • Ever had a dead Hard Disk?
    An old-age pension one?
    But your own data is still there on the thin surface of disk's plates!
    You'll throw away it, but before read how to really wipe out an HD
  • Paranoia is security best friend:
    Here is how to set up a crypto protected partition on Sarge
  • Some time ago we need a fast way to duplicate a lot of "all in one" panel PCs so difficult to open and with no cdrom.
    We did the installation on one, configure it, installed web and everything and then used dd and netcat to copy the entire HD on others machines.
    dd+nc PC duplication
  • Soon other pages

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